About HitooSlingShot

About HitooSlingShot

Brand introduction


HitooSlingShot - From slingshot to love.

Hi Too - Hello again

Practice again and again, and love more and more. 

So, we can also call it a love of the outdoors all over again.

However, the outdoors is not only a sport and lifestyle of the slingshot, it has infinite possibilities and infinite forms, which also brings a lot of inspiration to our team.

This made our brand realize that our products will not be limited to slingshots.

Compound bows and recurve bows are also compounded with our product concept.

In the future, we will develop more products to give back to customers.

In addition, our products have a concept: be yourself.

Be yourself in the outdoors.

Hunting, fishing, shooting fish, swimming, travel, vacation, water play, surfing, etc.

We hope you take fun seriously. Fun and exploration that pushes you to be yourself.

Outdoor sports for years to come. We are constantly striving for perfect products, so that you can play with your friends who love outdoor sports, let you and your lovers who love outdoor sports immerse in it, and let you and your children who love outdoor sports enjoy it.

Let's make the world a better place together.


Brand Concept


From zero to love. Authenticity, passion and appreciation are the advice we stand for. We encourage peopleto get out there and enjoy themselves. We focus on positive and closed family relationships. Yes, there is a new starting line every day. New opportunities to change the rules of your life. So, we have the right to take a break and pursue the ultimate fun way of life.


 What makes HiTooSlingShot different?


Durable material

Sophisticated production technology

Repeated testing and checking

Safe purchase

Return Guarantee

Professional customer service


Satisfaction & Service Guarantee

HitooSlingShot adheres to the principle of customer orientation and provides continuous support to customers. For questions about the product, you can contact us at any time. We will protect your privacy, payment security, and support 30-day refunds or exchanges. Allow customers to buy products in our store with peace of mind.


 If you have any questions about our products during the purchase process, please contact us by email: hitoo@hitooslingshot. We will promptly address your concerns to ensure a hassle-free buying experience.

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